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Envy is one of the Homunculi,a group of pseudo-humans whose creations is still an enigma. Some say they were created in a lab. Others believe they've always been among us. But no matter where they came from,their intentions are nothing but evil. Envy has the ability to become the perfect replica of whomever he or she desires. Envy is without gender. In fact,Envy's mind is so far gone that he or she can't remember who he or she used to be. Envy's power is truly amazing.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The shape-shifting Homunculi Envy could be anyone,utilizing the ability to take on the physical appearance of any being at will. Envy will morph into a stranger behind you in a smoky cafe or the trusted ally that works with you uncover corruption and twisted abuses of power,even your loving spouse. And beneath the familiar surface pure evil waits. Never turn your back on Envy. Even after you've slit the creature's throat.